Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Oasis

The Desert

Can You See Your Rainbow?

Driving my children to school this morning we saw a brightly coloured rainbow. As we drew closer we could see the end of the rainbow lighting up a house in beautiful rainbow colours. As we continued to get closer the rainbow faded away. I thought to myself that the people in the house would have had no idea that the rainbow was shining on them.

Perhaps from another's perspective the rainbow was now shining on us. We can never see a rainbow shining on ourselves with our eyes.

I thought about rainbows and their connotations of happiness and beauty and a sense of blessing and luck. I thought how chasing rainbows maybe like chasing happiness. Rainbows seem to shine on others and as we chase those rainbows they stay in the distance or fade away.

I thought perhaps rainbows are always shining on us and happiness is always within us. To see the rainbow however we must look within and to feel happiness we must look within.

All we are and can be is inside us. By chasing other's rainbows we are running away from ourselves and in doing so we are running away from the only place we can truly find happiness.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Unchanging Spirit

My mind and body grows and matures and ages. My spirit is a white light. My spirit is unchanging and unchangeable. My spirit is me. It is what it is from the moment of conception until death, and perhaps infinitely before and after.