Sunday, December 18, 2011

Life Perspective

Nothing like the fear of death to put life into perspective.

Why do we invest so much into our future lives when it can end at anytime without notice?

Try to enjoy the journey even though it may end very soon. It is all just a matter of time anyway.

I wrote this on my air sick bag on a fairly recent flight into Tokyo during a typhoon.

Another thought I had just now is that the reason we invest so much into our future lives may be that we subconsciously know that life does not end with the end of our physical life. So we are preparing for something more long term and therefore worthy of the long term invsestment.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Passed Away

A man has passed away today. A mn who called me his son. A man who asked me to sit next to him as he put his hand on mine and tried to comfort me and fix things that we could not fix. A man who loved his family endlessly. A man who could still smile on seeing his grandchildren. A man who hugged and cried. I hope your pain has now ended and you are now with god and you can have some comfort. I miss you and love you.