Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Shaking my Dad's Hand

Lately I have been doing quite a bit of mechanical work on my 4WD. The toolbox and many of the tools I use were my dad's. As a lay under my car undoing bolts the oily smell reminds me of times proudly working with my dad. His tools transfer a beautiful energy into me.

After a few days of mechanical work my hands are slightly oil stained and my knuckles have a few small cuts. As I clasped my hands together my hands feel stronger and bigger with a thicker skin but still soft. I feel that I am shaking my dad's hand and it feels good.

I am Man

A girl of my taste leans forward slightly to inspect the restaurant breakfast menu. Her baggy short shorts rise slightly exposing the soft rounded crease where her delightful leg meets her even more delightful buttock. For a moment my world becomes that crease. As my mind returns to my airport restaurant seat I pondered how easily my thoughts can be hijacked by the sight of a beautiful woman.

Should I be ashamed of such improper thoughts? Or is it ok to appreciate such a by chance beautiful sight to a man's eye? Could there ever have been a time in history or could there be in the future to be ashamed of admiring a misty mountain sunrise?

Delayed at Changi Airport

Typhoon Roke has delayed my flight to Tokyo. Luckily though I am at Changi airport, the best airport in the world. International people do not rush here. They stroll and enjoy the surroundings and soothing background music adding to the relaxed and stylish atmosphere. Now that I have finished my complimentary breakfast I will stretch out on a comfortable bench and have a nap.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Light or Dark?

How can so many find so much darkness and ugliness in a world filled with such beauty and light? Perhaps the more important question is why do they search for it? Are some people like black holes perpetually trying to suck the beauty and light from the world and turn into darkness, while others are like suns illuminating the beauty? They say nothing can escape a black hole, not even light. I disagree. My light can not be drawn into your darkness. Just like a square peg can not be drawn into a round hole. I can look at you with curiosity and without fear.