Monday, August 12, 2013

Probrammed Cellular Evolutionary Theory

This is an idea from a dream I had last night that I thought I would share.

A programmed deliberate decision of a living cell to act beyond the control of the mind for the purpose of survival of the living thing and or species within which it is located. This decision of the living cell can include a decision and ability to change the living cell.

This theory does not support the idea that evolution is a product of random mutations that happen to benefit the survival of a species and are somehow of a scale that can change a species through natural selection.

The idea of Programed Cellular Evolutionary Theory is based on deliberate cellular changes in response to changes in the environment whatever those changes maybe. A type of programing that can respond to an infinite number of environmental challenges.

This idea sits more comfortably with Creation Theory than a Random Mutation Theory. Life seems to be too incredible to be based on accidental random physical and chemical processes. It seems there must be another dimension to the lives of all living things beyond our present consciousness.

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  1. for sure...some of us have already had a glimpse ;)